Vers@food supports a healthy lifestyle. We make it easy for people to order their daily fruits online. Not only for households, but alsof for offices, schools, sports clubs and restaurants. Specialised in citrus fruits, we deliver all over Europe.  


To ensure fresh citrus fruits for Europe in the coming decades, we have closed long term partnerships.
We focus on sustainable producers with heart for the environment and future and who assure honest cooperation. We believe in honest business with our partners, workers and consumers. Also within Europe we distribute exclusively with partners that are like minded. Our main production is originated from South Africa. We distribute exclusive brands into Europe from our warehouses.

EDEN Citrus

One of our partners is EDEN. EDEN is producing ecological citrus in the mountains of Limpopo in South Africa. The production and packing is monitored very carefully. EDEN works hard to get the best taste possible and a good shelf life of the fruits. They take care of their workers and the production is managed in a way that the whole chain gains from it. Eden means safety, sustainability and great taste.
For example, their grapefruits come from the mountains, altitude of approx 700 - 900 meters. Only fresh water is used for their fruit trees. Their white grapefruits or Gold Marsh Grapefruits have a taste like you find nowhere else. The red grapefruit gets a deep red color and both of them are strong and very aromatic. Furthermore they focus on juvalle oranges in the beginning of the season because of its characteristics. It eats like a navel and juices like a valencia. 


Interested in a partnership? Please send an e-mail to or phone to +31 (162) 46 15 90 or +31 (6) 10 44 34 09.